Recycled Plastic Signs


Recycled plastic can be used for all sorts of products these days. Because it is tough and durable, cheap to manufacture and good for the environment it is becoming increasingly common.

One use for recycled plastic is to make signs and information boards. Recycled plastic signs are particularly good for remote or rural areas because the plastic is tough, weather proof and insect proof. The material is also non-biodegradable and UV stable.

Recycled plastic signage is often used in country parks or nature reserves. To blend in with the natural environment, recycled plastic can be made to look like timber. This recycled plastic wood can even be cut and manufactured in the exact same way as real wood.

Timber-effect recycled plastic can be used for wayfaring signs, notice boards, welcome signs, information displays, maps and interpretation displays. These products can be produced at a fraction of the cost of more traditional signage.

Even though recycled plastic signs are often made from material that is non-biodegradable, like polystyrene, the sign itself can often be recycled again in the future. So signs made from recycled plastic not only look good, but are environmentally friendly and cost effective.

For a great range of recycled plastic signage and plastic wood-effect signs visit the Fitzpatrick Woolmer website.

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