Fire Alarm Maintenance


Installation, servicing and maintenance of all aspects of fire alarms - and a planned schedule set up to ensure that over any given period all these aspects of fire alarm maintenance happen are absolutely necessary. We recommend having a service plan for your Fire Alarm System, to ensure compliance with Local Authority regulations.

Routine inspection – the regular testing and inspection of fire alarm systems Installation are always necessary. Depending on the type of system you have and the environment in which it is installed. Our engineers carry out all tests and inspections required to confirm the correct operation of the system. We also check for changes in the building use or structural changes that may affect the design or effectiveness of the alarm system.

Before any alarm system installation can be carried out a thorough fire risk assessment needs to be carried out.The kind of fire alarm system that is installed is actually usually decided by the local authorities and not by the installation and maintenance team or by the building owners,

Servicing and maintenance – any reputable company wanting to service a fire alarm system will have received training from the fire alarm manufacturers. It is then recommended that any system be tested on a weekly basis during normal working hours. It is then recommended that on a regular basis the following fire alarm maintenance points should be carried out:

Regular checking of batteries in case of mains failure

Check and clean smoke detectors

Replace sealed lead acid batteries

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