How to Clean the Bathroom in 12 Steps


You can’t avoid it any long you know your bathroom needs a really good clean to make it fresh as a daisy again.

Where to start?

The following tips can help you get you sink sparkling and loo smelling clean and fragrant to give you a bathroom you can be proud of!

  1. Remove any rubbish and dirty laundry and open the window (let in that fresh air)
  2. Dust the ceiling, tops of cabinets and corners
  3. Dust and if needed wipe down the walls
  4. Dust any cabinets, vents and storage
  5. Dust and clean curtains or blinds
  6. Clean the bath/shower and sink with a cleaner of your choice
  7. Top Tip – wash away any cleaning product residue and buff surfaces to a shine with micro fibre clothes for a lovely shiny finish!
  8. Clean the loo inside and out!
  9. Top Tip – I use disposable antibacterial wipes for this and a good toilet cleaner with lime scale remover. Give the toilet bowl cleaner time to work before giving the bowl a good scrub.
  10. Clean the bathroom cabinet and throw any empty or old items away.
  11. Top tip – Make a note of anything that might need replacing like children medicine or plasters or anti-bacterial cream. Again anti-bacterial wipes are great for a quick clean round.
  12. Polish those mirrors
  13. Top Tip – Again I love micro fibre clothes for mirrors to keep chemical use down and get a lovely streak free finish!
  14. Wash and vacuum the floor
  15. Put out fresh towels and face clothes
  16. Top Tip – You can add a room scent spray for that extra burst of freshness
  17. Stand back and admire your  beautifully clean bathroom

The above would normally take me about 1 hour maybe more depending on how dirty my bathroom is and much as I love having a lovely clean bathroom I don’t always have the time to do a complete clean so will cut the steps down depending on the time I have available.

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