2012-13 Winter Travel Deals For Less


Once the holidays are finished and the frenzy of the January sales shopping season has launched, it can be very tempting to look into a post-Christmas short break or even a full-flung winter holiday. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to get away from it all this winter, thanks to these handy tips on finding great winter travel deals.

If you’re looking for something more wintry on your winter getaway, the great news is that the lack of snow has caused a lot of ski resorts to tank their prices in an attempt to fill resort space. winter travel deals Take a gamble on the skiing weather picking up and book now for advance discounts, or look into ski packages late in January if you’re into other resort activities that don’t necessarily involve using the slopes just in case the snow doesn’t arrive.

Want to get away from the winter vibe? Some of the best deals are currently coming out of South America with great travel deals and discounted air fares. Guatemala and Belize in particular offer some fantastic hotel deals and are great for activity holidays. Even locations like Hawaii can offer good deals on flights and you can often strike a deal with private condo or villa owners to get off-season discounts.

If you’re looking for a deal on a luxury holiday, Las Vegas is a great option. The sheer scale of the region means it is impossible for hoteliers to keep all their rooms full, meaning you often get five star suites at three or two star prices if you visit at the right time of year. Cruises are often excellent for low priced holiday deals as well but keep an eye on the “extras” they charge once you’re actually on board the ship and travelling – discipline is needed to ensure you get the best possible value.

If you’re a bit more adventurous, dodge the traditional model of escorted tours or the often overcrowded bargain-hunting avenues which are overused for family holidays and visit somewhere truly unusual like the Grenadines, which don’t actually (yet) have an international airport. You’ll have to reroute and play musical planes and boats to get there, but this makes the journey itself part of the expedition and the undiscovered nature of locations like these can result in some fantastic travel deals as well as a truly once in a lifetime holiday experience.

For all the latest travel deals both on and off season to a wide variety of locations worldwide, visit www.nextholiday.co.uk and start planning your next dream trip.

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