Advantages of self catering in Cornwall


Self-Catering in Cornwall Has Many Advantages

For obvious reasons self catering in Cornwall has huge advantages over staying in a hotel. You will never miss breakfast if you wake up after 10.00 and you can be assured that youwill be able to cater to whatever weird and wonderful dietary requirements your family have! You also won’t have to share a bathroom, the kitchen or the lounge with strangers. You have privacy and can make yourself at home, which is near enough impossible in a hotel. You can also have peace and quiet – try that at 3.00 am in a hotel when wedding guests start arriving back from the party!

Self-catering in Cornwall has many other advantages. You are set free from the confines of package holidays. You can eat when you want, sleep when you want and drink when you want – you can also eat what you want! How many of us have been abroad and have quickly reached the conclusion that actually there is only one thing that we really like on the menu.   You can do what you want and when you want it. you have control over your location and your accommodation, which allows you to match your holiday plans, holiday type, accommodation as well as your budget and you can enjoy a greater degree of freedom and flexibility to explore at your own pace.

Drinks or snacks can be produced at anytime without the associated horrendous costs of hotels. This can be very important for holidaymakers with young families and with for those with dietary requirements such as diabetics. Also children have the space to play without annoying guests. Sometimes toys and games are also provided although it’s always a good idea to bring a supply of your own.

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