Looe famous banjo pier


 Looe's famous banjo pier

The banjo pier is a natural and popular point to aim for on a walk around Looe harbour, especially to see the returning fishing trawlers at high tide. But in bad weather it can be the last place to be and dramatic and tragic tales can be told about the mysterious banjo pier

 Looe Island is only just off the coast of Looe and once a year, when there is an exceptionally low tide it is just possible to walk to it. At other times boats take visitors. In winter storms it can be cut off for days or even weeks. The island's proper name is St.George's Island and it housed a monastic community in mediaeval days. In 1965 two sisters bought it and lived there alone, sadly one died recently but the surviving sister lives on despite the undoubted hardships of living such a remote life.

The Old Guildhall in East Looe is one of Looe's oldest buildings, dating back to about 1500. Its role as the "Town Hall" has been taken over by the "new" Victorian Guildhall in Fore Street and today the Old Guildhall houses the Museum. Fortunately Looe has kept it’s historic buildings and so kept it’s connection with the past.

Though facing its larger neighbour (East Looe) across the river, West Looe has its own individuality and character. Like all of Looe though, it’s best enjoyed close up and on foot. Looe is in Cornwall, the area of the UK with arguably the best and sunniest weather. Consequently families have been holidaying in and around Looe for generations. A wealth of holiday accommodation and cottages is available for rent pretty much all year round.

No visit to Looe would be complete without seeing its seagulls. These surprisingly large and, generally, immaculately groomed birds are something of a curse on Looe and you'll be lucky if you return to your car and find it not bearing a seagull's calling card. 

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