Long Haul Holidays


If you want to see more of the world and explore new cultures then a long haul holiday is the answer. There are many great destinations around the world that are only a flight away.

Popular destinations at this time of year are countries in the Southern Hemisphere. This is because you can get some winter sun here, when it is still feeling a bit chilly in the UK.

Great countries to visit in the Southern Hemisphere include Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. There are so many fantastic cities and a lot of dramatic countryside to visit at these popular holiday destinations.

Flying to Australia and New Zealand is convenient on modern aircraft and many people choose these destinations when flying long haul because they are countries with similarities to the UK - but also great differences like year-round sun, surfing beaches and unusual wildlife!

Africa and India are also great destinations where you can enjoy really different cultures and customs to the UK. Plus even though they are long haul destinations they are not so far to fly as Australasia.

If you want to plan a holiday to an exotic destination or faraway place, then there is a website called Brochure Bank where you can order lots of long haul holiday brochures from many different travel operators.

Brochure Bank provide free holiday brochures, with users able to order up to seven travel brochures at one time. So whether you want to find tropical beaches, new cultures, friendly people or exotic foods – Brochure Bank can provide you with your long haul holiday answers.

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