Why Bother With A Last Minute Holiday?


A lot of people are becoming extremely savvy when it comes to looking for holiday and travel deals, often booking their holidays extremely close to departure date in order to save money. October 2012 estimates from The Telegraph suggest that over a quarter of Britons prefer to book their holiday via a last minute deal, and that the vast majority of those who do are couples with children looking for a family holiday. Why then, are so many people turning to last minute notices and websites on holiday deals in order to book, rather than planning ahead at a normal tour operator?

The first and most obvious reason is to save money. Last minute holiday deals can save hundreds of pounds on the original advance booking price. As the departure date nears, airlines and resorts become increasingly desperate to fill all available space rather than risk empty seats or rooms, so the nearer to the final hour you book the better the price you’ll get.

Last minute holiday


There are some concerns from those who are anxious to have plenty of choice in their holidays but actually leaving booking until the last minute is rarely cause for concern. Many specialist websites and agencies provide an enormous range of last minute travel deals which can meet any possible need at a fraction of the price of an advanced booking.


Novelty and fresh experience is another reason why many people choose last minute holiday deals. Booking in advance is for those who are keen to have the exact particulars of their destination and hotel set in stone, but those looking for something more spontaneous or an incentive to try something new and unusual will be far better suited to last minute bookings.

Those looking for family holidays also have a particular bonus for experimenting with last minute bookings, as the six week summer holiday for schools is often one of the most expensive possible times to pre-book a holiday due to the high demand, especially around August. Last minute bookings allow families to target those crucial school holiday periods without the excess expense of advance bookings, which can mean the difference between a lacklustre, budget-constrained trip or the family holiday of a lifetime.

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