Cottages in Cornwall


Why hire cottages in Cornwall

Cornwall has miles and miles of sandy beaches and access to the sea (which is warm for the UK). Access to the sandy beaches though is probably the best reason for hiring cottages in Cornwall – especially if you are a dog owner. Although many beaches ban dogs on them in the summer months there are still many that don’t so it’s always worth investigating with the local council as to whether the beach near to where you are planning on staying is actually open to dogs.

Cottages in Cornwall offer a cosy atmosphere

With their home from home feel it really is possible to relax. Hiring cottages in Cornwall means that there’s no pressure to put your boots away or to worry about treading mud into the carpet. The linen is fresh and homely and there’s no reason to leave your room by 11.00am every morning. On site kitchen facilities mean that you can what you want when you want without having to worry about whether dietary requirements can be easily catered for.

Fantastic views come with cottages in Cornwall.

One of the things that Cornwall is famous for is the wild coastline and rugged cliff views. If you are thinking about hiring cottages in Cornwall you are almost guaranteed a wonderful view – or a short walk to a wonderful view. Owners of properties for hire in Cornwall understand that the view is part and parcel of the experience and that a good view can secure year round booking of their property. have a wide selection of cottages in Cornwall available throughout the year.

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