The Advantages of Cottage Holidays In Cornwall


With a plethora of legends and stories the region of Cornwall is blessed. Together with it ancient landmarks, castles and standing stones etc Cornwall is a beautiful county steeped in ancient myth and aura. You will also find beautiful natural areas to walk in and too generally explore. These areas can provide fun for all sorts of children with differing needs. The ability to enjoy Cornwall’s natural resources is really best appreciated through cottage holidays in Cornwall. This kind of holiday usually means that you can come and go as you please and if the weather has been particularly foul, in a holiday cottage you don’t have to worry about the dirt on the floor as much as if you were staying in  hotel.

Cottage holidays in Cornwall - and the local cuisine

Other advantages of booking cottage holidays in Cornwall include the famous cuisine that Cornwall has to offer. Surrounded on all sides pretty much by the ocean, there are many world class eateries offering really fresh seafood. Basically especially within the summertime, Cornwall has fantastic beach streets, incredible sea, memorable countryside and marvellous meals. Cornwall provides something for anyone.

Useful points to consider before booking cottage holidays in Cornwall

Before you decide on your cottage holiday in Cornwall, when it comes to making a reservation you should consider the points to help you make the best decision.

1) Why are you taking this holiday?. Is it a birthday celebration or a tete a tete celebration – perhaps a wedding anniversary? Perhaps it’s a family summer holiday? If you stop to consider the sort of holiday that you want and therefore set a few simple ground rules, your holiday will usually be much better than expected..

2) Next – how many of you are there going to be on this holiday? Big holidays will need larger accommodation when compared to minor ones. There are many websites now that cater for just this – they have a plethora of accommodation available that suits a variety of needs, pet friendly, lots of room, outside space, countryside views, sea views etc. Booking cottage holidays in Cornwall is a lot easier than it was even five years ago.

Looe and Polperro Holidays have been providing cottage holiday accommodation in Cornwall for over 10 years.  It is now possible to reserve online and there is a huge variety of accommodation to choose from.

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