Hair Transplants Can Boost Mens Self Esteem

It is not uncommon for men to start to lose their hair as they age and this can cause a long-term loss of confidence. Thankfully these days there is a practical and permanent solution to male pattern balding. Hair transplants, where follicles are taken from another part of the body and transplanted into the scalp, are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable.

This quick and easy procedure provides a permanent solution to hair loss, with impressive hair re-growth showing in the first few months after the transplant is carried out. Many men in the public eye have used such a procedure, including actor James Nesbitt and chef Gordon Ramsay.

The latest celebrity to reveal his sensational hair restoration is Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner. After wearing a hat on television for several months, fellow presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby wondered what the sharp-tounged judge was concealing. Colleagues and viewers were therefore shocked and delighted when Gardiner revealed his transformation on the show last night.

In comparison to previous footage of Jason looking noticeably thin on top, he now has a full head of hair with re-growth particularly obvious on the top of his head. The procedure has been done sympathetically to look as natural as possible and has left room for another hair transplant to further lower the hairline, creating an even younger appearance.

A hair transplant expert notes that the results look good and that the conservative shape of the new hairline allows for adding good density rather than spreading the hairs all over the head which is a common mistake that less experienced surgeons and clinics sometimes commit to, creating a thin and unnatural result.

Jason had previously admitted that he felt depressed about his hair loss and has embraced the procedure, saying: “a hair transplant is nothing to be ashamed of.” He clearly hopes that his experience will help to remove the stigma men attach to aesthetic surgery. If famous men continue to discuss their experience of restorative hair procedures this will certainly help encourage understanding and enable men from all walks of life to feel there is a real solution to hair loss.

You New Clinic offer effective, reasonably priced hair transplants and other treatments that allow men to gain back their self esteem and youthful looks.

Published on 28/03/2011

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