Scalp Pigmentation Technology

Scalp pigmentation technology has come a long way in the last few years. This procedure allows men to find a permanent solution to hair loss by cleverly replicating the look of short, shaved hair.

The micro scalp pigmentation procedure is very effective. It works in a similar way to tattooing and is sometimes known as scalp tattooing or micro hair tattooing - creating what is known in the industry as a medical tattoo.

However, ink is injected under the skin with much finer needles than those used for regular tattoos. This is in order to create hundreds of tiny dots that replicate the look of shaved hair.

The special ink that is injected into the epidermal layer of the skin creates the optical illusion of closely cropped hair. The micro pigmentation procedure works for all skin tones and can be used to conceal all types of hair loss including alopecia, male pattern baldness and thinning hair.

hair loss treatment

Scalp pigmentation can be used on small areas of balding such as the crown of the head. It can also be used to cover the whole head, providing a permanent solution to hair loss as men get older.

You New Hair Clinic are specialist providers of dermo pigmentation. They use the latest scalp tattooing technology and experienced practitioners to ensure great results.

Clients are guaranteed natural, practical and hassle free hair loss solutions with You New Hair Clinic. For examples of the results that can be achieved with this revolutionary hair loss treatment, visit the You New Clinic website today.  

As well as scalp pigmentation, You New Clinic also offer a number of other hair restoration treatments, including hair transplants.

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Published on 10/10/2012

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