The Health Benefits of Natural Oregano Oil


Oregano oil is one of nature’s miracle oils. It has many health benefits and has been used over the centuries to ward off and cure many ailments.

Oregano oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, analgesic and germ killer. It has become popular as an alternative treatment for many ailments.

A lot of scientific study has been taking place recently to investigate the use of wild oregano oil as a medicine.oregano oil

The miracle oil has been proved to be as effective as some painkillers including aspirin or even morphine. In some cases it is actually even more effective.

It is also full of antioxidants, fighting free radicals and chemicals in the body to boost long-term immunity and general health.

Oregano oil's natural anti-bacterial elements also make it an effective natural alternative to regular antibiotics. Infections of the urinary tract and skin are believed to be helped by oregano oil and it can help lessen the effects of food poisoning.

There are many parasites that can be warded off too by using the oil too; including tape worm, bed bugs, mosquitoes, lice and fleas.

As well as all these medical benefits; oregano oil is also full of vitamins, zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium. So all in all it is a true miracle oil that can be used as both preventative and cure.

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