Hair Transplant Technology

Hair Transplant technology has developed greatly in recent years. There are several solutions to male pattern balding that really do make a difference to men’s lives. Hair loss can be debilitating for a man’s confidence and the good news is that this can now be halted or even reversed.

There is a hair transplant technique that is now commonly available which addresses this problem. The results are very effective and natural looking, as hair follicles are taken from one part of the body and transplanted into the scalp.

Here they grow as normal, producing hair in areas of the scalp where it has been lost. Many people in the public eye have undergone this technique, including Gordon Ramsay and Wayne Rooney, with fantastic results.

These public examples of men who have undergone a hair transplant have also begun to take the embarrassment out of hair loss and many men are now freely admitting to having undergone the procedure.

There are two types of hair transplant available. Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT technique is where a strip of hair is removed from the donor area at the back of the head, which is not subject to balding.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a similar technique but it harvests hairs individually from the donor area. The FUT and FUE technique can also be combined for men who are at a more advanced stage of balding.

So, hair transplants are the modern answer to hair loss and male pattern balding. You New Clinic offers these and other hair restoration techniques at their state of the art facilities around the world. To find out more visit

Published on 10/02/2012

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