Limiting Super Strength Alcohol


Over the last few years many alcohol products have become significantly cheaper and more accessible. Super strength alcohol is also often too easily available in shops and bars.

This has caused many alcohol relates problems in the UK, including binge drinking and increases in alcohol addiction. There is nationwide concern about this problem and schemes are being introduced to help limit the availability of super strength alcohol.alcohol recovery clinics

Town centres in the Thames Valley could soon introduce a scheme that plans to limit the sale of super strength lagers. This follows the launch of a voluntary scheme in Ipswich where around 50% of the town’s shops agreed to remove strong lager and cider from their shelves in a bid to target alcoholism.

Police neighbourhood teams in the Thames Valley are already considering if the scheme could be beneficial for towns like Reading. Homeless charities in Oxford and Reading have said they would support a similar strategy.

Alcoholism can be a devastating problem for people from all walks of life and any scheme that helps to make it less easy to access super strength alcohol could make a real difference.

Those that become addicted to alcohol can get help to turn their lives around however. Alcohol recovery clinics offer medical and psychological support to enable people to recover from alcohol addiction.

Wellington Lodge is a clinic in London that specialises purely in treating people with alcohol addiction. They provide alcohol detoxification and recovery services at their inpatient alcohol treatment clinic in North London or out-patient treatment at a number of clinics across the country.

For more information on the range of alcohol recovery services that Wellington Lodge offer visit


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