FAQS About Mobile Field Shelters Part 1


Is a mobile field shelter loud on bad weather days?

Answer No. Well built mobile field shelters are built with materials that are pre-stressed. This means they will not rattle, whistle or band in bad weather.

Can mobile field shelters be towed onto cars and other vehicles?

Answer Yes. Most mobile field shelters are built with skids included. This means that the mobile field shelter is quick and easy to tow. However not many pole realise that even without these skids mobile field shelters can be moved. In fact, sometimes skids are not practical over rough or uneven ground but are more suited to hard or flat ground.

Do I need planning permission to build a mobile field shelter?

Answer No. The reason that you don’t need planning permission to build a mobile field shelter is that building them does not require engineering or significant ground work. They rest on their own base and so are easily transported.  Although no planning permission is required to put up a mobile field shelter, grazing horses does need permission. Ensure that you have it on land that you are.

Will bad weather cause my mobile field shelter to blow over?

Answer No. Not if it's well built. Mobile field shelters are built with a very strong treated timber frame. These are staked to the ground using the industries heaviest duty stakes.  This method of securing mobile field shelters has been tried and tested over many years in all weather conditions and on extreme locations. They do not blow over, split or bend in the weather, or break down. A good mobile field shelter manufacturer will; back this up with a warranty.



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