FAQS About Mobile Field Shelters Part 2


If my mobile field shelter got damaged, can it easily be repaired?

Answer Yes. Most manufactures of mobile field shelters will repair or replace - depending on what kind of damage has been caused and how it has bee caused. Customers are also usually supplied with repair kits that enable minor DIY repairs to be carried out in house.

How long should a mobile field shelter last?

Answer - A mobile field shelter that has been manufactured in the UK will have been produced to a very high standard using the best components and materials possible, cover material is incredibly hard wearing and durable. Therefore a mobile field shelter would be expected to last around 20 years or more.

Can kick boards be fitted to a mobile field shelter?

Answer Yes. These can be fitted although there really isn't usually a requirement for them as the cover material that goes into making a mobile field shelter is extremely resilient. However if you have a large horse who is skittish and you would like peace of mind, most mobile field shelter manufacturers will oblige willingly.

Can mobile field shelters be altered later on?

Answer Yes. All mobile field shelters our shelters are easy to change or modify, their panels are interchangeable due to the module design.

Will a mobile field shelter get hot in the summer?

Answer - The cover material used - if good quality has usually been guaranteed to block out UV rays for 15 years. This means that it will not absorb heat in the same way and to the same degree that traditional materials do.

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