Field Shelters a Cost Effective and Flexible Solution


Field shelters make a great flexible store/shelter for animals or equipment and there are wide varieties to choose from, so finding the right field shelter for your requirements could be a confusing task.

As with any purchase having a clear idea of what you want will help ensure you get the right field shelter for you.

Location and Type

Firstly by deciding a preferable location for your field shelter will help you start to focus on what you really need. Next look at the different types of field shelters available, do you want a static or mobile field shelter.

A static field shelter can require planning permission, but in the long run can be a more cost effective solution.

Mobile field shelters can be located anywhere and can be just as robust and strong as a static shelter, but could prove a more expensive solution.

Size and Design

Next you need to decide on the field shelter size and design; the size will depend greatly on what you want to use it for equipment, horses or livestock. Having a clear idea on size, type and location will greatly assist you in selected potential designs.

Most field shelter companies will have a set range for you to review, but some also offer a bespoke design service if your requirements are more specialised.


By now you should have a very clear idea of what you need and it is at this point I would recommend agreeing a budget. It is best to agree a budget now rather than at the beginning as by now you will have had time to look at what is available and already have a fairly good knowledge of the costs involved.

Be realistic if your budget is modest, but your wish list is big you either need to increase your budget or reduce your field shelter requirements.


Always check the quality and value for money of the field shelters on offer. Protection from the elements and good ventilation are a must. You also want your animal to be safe and any equipment secure.

Cheaper solutions may not always pass all these quality checks and could need replacing much sooner than a more quality field shelter.

To view a wide range of static and mobile field shelters including bespoke designs visit Jon William Stables

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