The Advantages of Timber Stables


Timber Stables - Excellent quality and value for money

Timber stables offer great value for money and can turn out to be an invaluable asset, especially if the primary function of your business is based around the equestrian industry.  Primarily timber stables offer the main advantage of not having to be meticulous in your planning of where they should be situated - unlike bricks and mortar buildings or fixed stables. This advantage can be a temporary solution until a more permanent solution is found. Many people actually convert existing timber buildings into timber stables - as a temporary solution internal walls, access corridors and stable doors are effectively all that needs adding, and an instant although temporary timber stable has been created.

 Other Advantages Of Timber Stables

Other easily identifiable advantages of timber stables include:

  • Timber stables require no planning permission in the UK
  • Timber stables usually come in easy to erect kit form
  • Timber Stables represent exceptional value for money
  • Timber Stables are usually manufactured to excellent build quality

 Cost and Time of Erecting Timber Stables.

 Timber stables usually arrive in kit format with easy to read instructions. This makes assembly fairly quick and easy. If you are employing someone on a time basis, this can significantly reduce your wage bill and therefore reduce the overall cost of the project. If you are doing this yourself, then although the build itself will probably take longer, it will at least incur no wage bill and will take a quarter of the time to erect compared to a fixed location structure.

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