Successful email marketing is about well segmented data


The success of email marketing depends very much on the quality of your data and email address. If you are simply emailing to one set of addresses then you could be doing better!

The Cornish Emailer allows you to easily segment your data and sent emails based on demographic or geographical or behavioural data. Indeed the data is stored so flexibly that you can easily customise with many extra fields specific to your needs and the particular characteristics of your industry.

In email marketing, a good email marketing system will help you not only to segment your data, but to ensure that this is updated every time new contacts are added to your contacts database. So all your segmented email contact lists are always up to date.

So how can you use segmented data in email marketing?

Examples include:

  • Send regional based emails to fit in with local offline advertising or to work with the planned location of your sales force. If you are exhibiting in one location, then geographical segmenting can ensure all contact within easy reach of this location get contacted. Ensuring contacts do not get bombarded with less relevant emails reduce leakage from your valuable contacts lists.
  • Send triggered emails based on recipients behaviour to initial contact from website, initial email marketing or other marketing campaign.
  • Sending triggered emails based on transaction history; segmentation will allow the email delivered to be more relevant in both content and timing.
  • Setup up a triggered set of automated emails with differing planned emails throughout the sequence.
  • Adapt the emails sent depending on results. This is maximising the ROI of your email marketing program.

So the message is for successful email marketing, ensure you use well segmented data.

Of course other factors are important as well, and too many people design still nice looking graphical email which look great when viewed as a design, but no thought is given to designing to get read or designing to convert. Cornish WebServices suggest that when designing a successful email marketing template the first factor in the design is  knowledge of how to get emails seen and read, second how to design for action and thirdly, (yes, third not first or second), the visual design when opened.

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