How to Negotiate Email Limits


For some time now email providers have been limiting the number of emails you can send per day to prevent spamming.

Google currently limits its Gmail users to sending 500 emails per day. Hotmail has an even stricter policy, limiting this service to only 100 emails per day. This became necessary because some users were exploiting their email accounts to spam people.

This can be a real drawback for businesses who want to send emails to hundreds of their customers. One way around this is to pay to use a Google Apps for Business account. But for those small businesses who don’t want to shell out for a Google account, email restrictions can be a problem.

A great alternative to enable you to contact your customers is an emailer system. These are specifically designed to enable companies to send out hundreds or even thousands of emails in a day. A template can be designed to include pictures and links, transforming your email into an informative online newsletter.

Cornish WebServices offer an emailer service to our clients. We can design an eye-catching email template and send emails to all your relevant contacts. This has really worked for some of our clients who have regular news and product updates to tell their customers about.

So if you are a business interested in reaching lots of contacts in one easy step, read our email marketing information page to find out more about the timesaving Cornish Emailer.

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