Cornish Emailer gets very positive feedback from copywriter


The email marketing system offered by Cornish WebServices to its clients is praised for its user friendliness and ease of use. The following is the latest compliment we have received

As a writer of e-campaigns, I’ve been asked to work on a wide range of internet marketing software products for a very diverse clientele. I have to congratulate Cornish on putting together one of the most user-friendly, intuitive packages that I have encountered to date. I’ll certainly be recommending this service to my own clients as an integral component of their overall marketing strategy. Thank you!

 Louise Steel, The Prolific Pen

 The Cornish Emailer allows you to send emails in the knowledge that:

  • Emails are being sent from a 'white-listed' server - less chance of being classed as spam.
  • Professionally setup and tested HTML templates
  • Spam checking , link checking and email client checking facilities
  • Compliant with all EU and UK spam legislation
  • Multiple contact lists with unsubscribe lists and download / upload functionality
  • Superb reporting and tracking including emails delivered, opened, forwarded, links clicked
  • Time tracking and ability to schedule campaigns

 More information is available on our website about the Cornish email marketing system

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