Mailroom Automation


A mailroom is traditionally an integral part of a large company or organisation. This is where external post gets delivered and sorted for posting. It is also a place where internal mail passes through.

Therefore mailrooms need to be efficient and organised, with systems in place to ensure that all mail is properly sorted and organised.

Mail sorting was traditionally done manually but there are now automated systems available that can make the process quicker and easier.

Electronic mailroom solutions allow for an automated mailroom process. They enable companies to capture, route and process important information as soon as it comes in.

Digital mailroom services make mail sorting less labour intensive and allow for reduced labour and costs in the long-term.

With the advancement in digital technology over the last few years, many companies now rely on these digital mailroom solutions. Companies can use outsourced consultancies to set up mailroom solutions.

DCS are an outsourcing service that provide automated mailroom services. They can work with companies to set up efficient mail outsourcing solutions that allow for better mailroom management.

DCS also provide other data capture and document management services to a whole variety of companies. If you would like to find out more about DCS’s range of outsourced data capture solutions then visit their website at

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