Locating Lost Files is a Problem for Office Workers


Research has discovered that mid-sized businesses could be losing as much as £700,000 per year due to workers not being able to locate files on their computers.

58% of the UK office works reported having problems locating important files or documents and with over 60% of most companies information being held in electronic form on various equipment this represents a major headache for both office and support staff.

Not only is this frustrating for employees, but it is also costly to business with valuable time being wasted that could easily be saved with the correct document management system.

The YouGov research has further supported findings by the Butler Group that up to 10 per cent of a company’s salary costs and a quarter of its staff’s time is being lost just looking for the right information.

Happily there is a solution companies can now safely backup and store files and other documents online using web document management. SaaS or Cloud document management take the stress out of storing and locating company information plus make it much easier for companies to implement an effective data management policy.

Web based document management offers automatic data protection enabling employees to quickly and securely move data to and from their laptops or PC across multiple locations.

Web document management - 5 benefits

  • No high, up front capital or hardware outlay
  • Low cost pay as you go service saving you money
  • Improved business contingency while reducing business risk
  • Tailored document management software that meets your business needs
  • Easy multi location access to documents and files

For more information on effective document management including web based solutions visits www.dcs.co.uk

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