Is Your Document Archive Intelligent?


What do you associated with the word archive a document store perhaps where files go in never to be seen again? Have you ever considered that a document archive could be a benefit providing a measurable ROI?

In any organisation the follow of information is vital to ensure smooth and timely operations. This creates several hurdles for the successful document archive. Documentation must be stored securely and accurately yet retrieval must be flexible, easy and fast.

By preserving as much information about each document as possible items can be located and access much more efficiently. To do this successfully you need technology that can locate and successfully capture information from a wide variety of mixed document types and layouts. This will ensure that once the documents are digital the information can be searched in a number of ways for fast easily retrieval.

However, to truly make your scanned documents and archive intelligent advanced data capture and routing are required.  Advanced scanning and capture technology makes digital document analysis and indexing more intelligent giving a clearer relationship between documents allowing for automated logical grouping and classification. Plus automated routing of documents into business process workflows ready for action.

This technology not only saves time and speeds up business processes removing document bottlenecks it also preserves document privacy and security plus supports adherence to document compliance regulations.

So is your document archive as intelligent as it could be, if not talk to an expert like DCS (Data Capture Solutions). They can assess your current document scanning, capture and management systems and recommend the best solutions for your organisations.

For more information on document scanning, document management and business process management visit or call 01753 616720.

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