Government document management


Government at all levels deals with a lot of paperwork, emails and online documents. These documents are important, and need storing for audit and public accountability.  

Handling, processing and storing these documents can take a huge amount of time and cost. This is in addition to the useful work using or producing the documents.

Government organisations are increasingly making use of Government Document Management Systems to automate the routine and standard business processes of document handling and storage.

Government Document Management Systems can help to cut costs and make the efficiency savings required as budget allocations to Government bodies are slashed.

A good document management system for use by Government departments will:

  • Efficiently scan in all printed material
  • Categorise these according to the Government filing convention
  • Include meta data according to Government specifications and a keep by date
  • Route these documents to the person who needs to use them
  • Provide an audit trail of who has done what and approved what
  • Provide cost effective storage of all relevant documents
  • Be easily searchable to retrieve all documents
  • Allow correct level of confidentiality to be assigned to different documents

An example of a document management system suitable for Government use is FileStore EDM, the electronic document management system from DCS which has modules to help with naming conventions and security which are well suited to Government use.

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