Employee records management


HR or personnel departments deal with a lot of paperwork, or online files, relating to employee records and recruitment. These employee files are important, often confidential and need processing in a fairly standard and routine manner. This can take a lot of admin time and associated staff costs.

Routine standard tasks can be made more efficient using business process automation software such as FileStore BPM. This can be used to reduce the costs associated with processing and storing employee records.

The main benefits of an employee records management system are:

  • Reduced costs of handling the documents
  • Improved storage and retrieval system
  • Audit trail and reliable backup system

But there are many extra benefits with an online system for the management of employee records. These include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Flexible staff working of the HR department, as home based working becomes possible, giving better morale.
  • Improves quality of employee records keeping
  • Reduced storage costs of employee records
  • Improved management information system for analysing data on employees.

An example of an employee records system is FileStore BPM, the Business Processing Management solution from DCS. This product has HR modules that help with employee record management and storage.

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