Email archiving


Traditionally companies were very good at classifying and storing all communications by letter or fax in filing cabinets. This ensured there was a good audit trail of what had happened when and by whom.

But with the growth of email for communication the amount of print based communication fell, and many businesses realised they were not keeping a good enough record of key decisions and information.

Email archiving has now become an important part of document management and storage. Email archiving software will archive your email communications in such a way that makes them easily searchable and accessible for the future.

Good email archive solutions will also ensure you meet the legal aspects of data protection and email storage. Solutions are available which do not allow any email deletion for a period of time (eg 7 years) and these email records can then be used in court as a reliable record of all communications by email.

A typical email archiving application will have the following features:

  • Automatic capture of emails including attachments
  • Cataloguing and indexing for fast retrieval.
  • Compression of emails for more efficient storage
  • De-duplication of identical documents, especially when one email is sent to many people within an organisation
  • Online access provide you have the required access authority

Email Archiving products include MailStore from DCS

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