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Content management involves editing and controlling the pages of your website. There are clever content management systems (CMS) available that allow all people, whatever their level of web know-how, to manage their own websites.

This means that website designers can hand over control of a new website to the website owner. Older websites can also be put onto a CMS, to give the site owners management capabilities that they did not have before.

So whether you are a business manager with extensive experience of managing websites or an owner of a small website who is not highly experienced with computers, there is a CMS out there to suit all needs.

multilingual CMS

Multilingual content management systems support a variety of languages and character sets. This means that website content control is available to all people around the world, in their own language.

The eXtra CMS is a next generation content management system that supports all website editing requirements and allows for multilingual web management. It has two levels of control depending upon the requirement.

The eXtra CMS Classic edition offers all key website editing capabilities, allowing users to control and manage their site without fuss or complications. The Classic eXtra CMS can develop with a business as it grows, building more functionality as the website develops.

For those looking for high-level control of their website, the eXtra CMS Enterprise edition is the ultimate website content management tool available on the market today.

With the bespoke flexibility needed to handle large and complex websites, the Enterprise eXtra CMS includes full asset and multimedia management as well as a wide range of additional options.

All versions of the eXtra CMS offer in built search engine optimisation of websites so that you can be sure that whilst you edit you are also optimising your website to be found online.

Multilingual content management capabilities make the eXtra CMS open to all, enabling businesses to reach worldwide audiences by offering versions of their websites in a variety of different languages.

So if you are looking for an accessible yet flexible content management system that offers complete control of your website in your own language, then the eXtra CMS is the obvious choice. Call now on 0330 555 4680 to find out more. 

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