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Jem Education Direct is a service that enables organisations to communicate effectively with the education sector through contact and response support.

Jem is part of the Orbital Marketing Services Group, a large Kent-based group of companies that offer a range of marketing and logistics support services.

The Jem Education Direct website was put onto a content management system (CMS) that the company used to make their own edits to the website. They found that this CMS was not fit for purpose however and they decided to move onto the Cornish CMS.

We migrated the content of the Jem website onto our easy to use Cornish CMS. This has now enabled the client to make several edits and updates to their site and they are very happy with the system.

The Cornish CMS also has SEO built in, ensuring that the Jem website will be fully optimised and therefore found by people searching the net for the type of education services they offer.

We have many clients using our Cornish CMS, which is often synced with a new website when we design it. Alternatively pre-existing sites are migrated onto the system at a later date – like the Jem Educational Direct site.

For more information about the usable Cornish CMS visit our special website to find out about our great content management system.

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