The latest Cornish CMS module - The Lightbox


Cornish WebServices are continually making updates to our content management system, the Cornish CMS, by developing add on modules. This is to add functionality to the system and offer more ways to edit your website. The new modules are often developed in conjunction with current CMS clients who would like to perform a particular function on their websites.

The latest module that has been developed for the Cornish CMS is the Lightbox. This innovative module allows you to click on an image in a website to enlarge it so you can see it clearly on your screen. The image appears lit up (hence the Lightbox name) and the background is temporarily dulled so you can really focus on the image you are looking at.

This is a great feature for people wanting to add content to their website. It means you can add plenty of small images, say thumbnail size photos or screenshots of webpages, without vastly increasing the size of your website. The visitor can then temporarily increase the size of a particular image if they want to see more information. The Lightbox is available as an add on module to Cornish CMS version 3.1.

Cornish WebServices have expert knowledge of content management through developing the Cornish CMS and continually updating its usability with new modules. Browse our site to find out more about the SEO friendly Cornish CMS.

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