How shoppers will spend over Christmas


With Christmas coming up shoppers will be starting to think about what they are going to buy loved ones. Retailers will be starting to ramp up efforts to capture the audience, not just in their stores but the various different channels where they can buy from.

christmas shopping

 It was found on Tuesday by Google in a survey of 1,500 consumers that four in five mobile/tablet owners will use their device as part of their holiday shopping. Smartphone users will use their phones as part of their holiday shopping by looking up coupons (39%), reading reviews (34%) and locating stores (44%).

Shoppers will turn to different devises at different stages of the buying cycle. Over half of shoppers will research online and then go to the store to purchase. A third of the 1,500 consumers will do research online, visit a store and then go back online to complete a purchase. A rest will visit the store and then purchase online, this can be called “showrooming”. According to the research which was done 85% of shoppers expect to start shopping on one device and finish on another. It is therefore important that your website is up to date and designed to a high quality.

 Due to the amount of shoppers heading online many online retailers are starting to price match from online stores such as Amazon. Retailers are producing their own price-matching scheme especially for the holidays, retailers are worried that the online market is going to have a large impact on their stores and so have put in place different strategies like price matching.

 If you want to make sure that your website is ready for the holiday season why not contact us where we will be happy to help.

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