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Simple CMS or Enterprise?

Choosing a suitable CMS is a long proccess if done correctly. The proccess is entirely dependent on your requirements, budget and technical knowledge or computer literacy. It is often the latter often swings the vote. Not all cms users are those who have technical knowledge about websites and how they work. It is important to choose a simple cms that matches your level of competence and one that you are comfortable and confident in using.

There are many types of people who use websites for all sorts of activities, most commonly promoting their businesses. Take two examples, James, an ICT graduate who works for a large corporation and Joan, a sole trader who wants a small online store selling rug making kits.

As James is an IT graduate he is very competent with using the internet and has prior CMS experience. He works for a large organisation and so requires a fully functional CMS which will give him access to a wide range of business resources. Therefore, James will pick an enterprise level CMS which supports these high level functions as he is able to maintain and manage it with some degree of competency.

 Joan on the other hand has very limited knowledge of the higher functions that James requires. Her basic requirements include easy updating, a simple interface and wysiwyg editor which is easily updated. What Joan requires is a simple CMS.

 Make a list of the features you require and honestly asses your level of competency, then choose a CMS which will enable you carry out your requirements with minimal fuss. eXtra CMS is an online CMS which has the functionality to handle both the Joan’s and James’s of the internet. Available in two versions, the eXtra CMS can be accessed in the ‘Classic version,’ a simple CMS which allows easy management of content, as well as the fully fledged Enterprise addition, giving you complete control over all your assets. Enterprise is great for business who need flexibility and customisable CMS features from invoicing and booking to social media and ecommerce.

 To find out how you can benefit from a completely flexible CMS system from simple content management to enterprise level control, please call 0330 555 4680 to arrange a demo or visit www.extracms.co.uk. Alternatively fill out a contact form.

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