SEO and Football - Which league do you want to be in?


seo footballSearch engine optimisation and football are more synonymous than you may think. Us football fans know full well the importance of our managers tactics, finishing high in the rankings above our fiercest rivals and reaching your goals - there are definitely links to be made with the SEO industry. Anyone that has ever played football manager knows the joys of tactics that pay off and bring victory.

If you imagine search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex,  Baidu etc to be like a football league and the organic search result listing as the teams in the league. Page one of the search engine is the premier league, with the following pages containing teams that are in the championship, league one, league two etc and hoping for promotion.

 As in football, all these websites are competing for top spot and as we know, year on year, there are no absolute rankings, you could lose your position at any time to your closest rivals.

These websites have many similarities with football clubs, they both contain stakeholders, the chairman at the very top (the client) and the fans (users of the website). The amount of business and profits gained through sponsorships depends of the rankings. The manager is the SEO account manager who handles the day to day activities, preparing the site for get the best of it ‘on the pitch’ of the team and scouting for fresh opportunities.

Many companies have the option of paying their way to the top of league, not mentioning any clubs in particular (CITY and CHELSEA!), but there is no substitute to the websites who develop a strategic long term SEO plan to stay at the top level consistently, building their websites with longevity in mind with the assistance of a trusted manager who knows the game inside out. Not only this, but old 4-4-2 tactics won’t get you far in modern game. You need managers who know when the industry is changing and can adapt quickly.

Cornish Web Services are the Manchester Utd of the SEO world. We’ve have been at the top of the for years, providing great results and packing the trophy cabinet for our clubs through effective SEO management. For more information, please call 0330 555 4680.

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