Avoiding an SEO nightmare before Christmas


 Avoiding an SEO Nightmare before Christmas

At the end of a traditionally English summer, early birds have already started to turn their attentions to the Christmas period. It is those same early birds in who catch the worm when it comes to optimising their sites, to capitalise on the extra search volume around the Holiday season. It can take some time for optimisation strategies to have a significant impact so the road to boosting sales through begins now.

SEO Christmas

Why is seasonal SEO important?

Competition for consumers is notoriously fierce during the Christmas period as consumer spending increases. However, it is more difficult for less established firms to make sure they get their slice of the pie – or pudding. On the other hand, research shows that an increasing number of customers are willing to shop around for cheaper deals as opposed to sticking with the larger stores. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to increase your visibility to make the most of these opportunities.

• Link Building and Keywords - Optimise your pages by identifying which of your products and services will be the ‘must-have’ this year. Make sure appropriate focus is given to this keyword by generating content, developing internal linking strategies and using anchor text. Write carefully constructed product descriptions which do well in hitting all relevant keywords.

• Social Media – Run Facebook competitions an encourage interaction. Focus on discounts and make sure you use all your social media to drive traffic and boost conversions.

• PPC – PPC is a great way to get an immediate boost in traffic while your SEO optimisation strategy kicks in. Bid on relevant keywords and focus on products with highest demand and return.

• Think about conversions – The purpose of your campaign and extra efforts is not just to drive traffic but make sure it is converting into leads and in turn, sales. With this in mind, optimise not only for your products but for your website.

Christmas is a huge event for online retailers. If you are to make the most of the increased earning potential that the holiday season brings, you need to start acting now. Failing to act now will surely lead to an SEO nightmare before Christmas! Cornish WebServices has the industry experience to provide you with effective SEO, Social media and PPC services ahead of the Christmas period.

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