The Importance of Good Press Releases for Publicity


If a company want to promote themselves; whether they have moved offices, won awards or just simply have good news to share – a great way to do this is with a well written press release.

Press releases are news stories that are written by someone with publicity or PR experience and then sent out to local, regional, national or even international newspapers and magazines. The story may then be included by journalists at the publication if it is relevant to their readership.

These written statements sent to the media are a great form of publicity because unlike traditional print advertising, press releases are often included in a publication where they have free editorial space.quality press release writing

A good press release should contain a quick summary of the news; including what has happened, when and where etc. There should also be a quote from someone important at the company.

Contact details are included at the end of the press release so that the newspaper or magazine in question can get back to the person who sent the story for more information, quotes or photos.

Press releases can be used to generate features in magazines. A press release can get journalists interested in a company and they may then come back with more queries or an interview request.

Press releases also offer a chance to connect with new publications and build working relationships, perhaps by suggesting feature ideas or work with magazines to create features that are of benefit to both the company and the publication.

At Cornish WebServices we specialise in all types of online and offline marketing, including expert press release writing. We use press releases to make contact with key publications to inform them of our clients' latest news.

Our press release work has even won recent acclaim at a local university, where a group of marketing students picked out our press release from others as a good example of written publicity.

Press releases are just part of our overall marketing service that ensures our clients are publicised and promoted in their sectors. We also specialise in internet marketing methods – such as SEO, PPC and social media – which all help our clients websites to be found by the right people online.

To discover more about our quality total marketing service, including press release writing, call us on 0330 555 4680 today or browse our website further and use our quick contact form to get in touch. 

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