Introducing The eXtra CMS


We are specialists in content management systems and have provided our own CMS to our clients for a number of years now.

The Cornish CMS has enabled clients to update their own websites, using a navigable content management interface that allows for easy editing of web pages. Many people have relied on our easy to use CMS to control and manage their websites.

Now we are launching the eXtra CMS, the next generation of our content management system that offers the same easy editing capabilities as well as enhanced functionality and usability.eXtra CMS

We realised that many of our clients now demand more functionality and additional modules to gain a higher level of control and implement more advanced content on their website.

We are also rivalling some of the big name online CMS providers to offer enhanced website management functionality to leading business and corporate website owners looking for high level website editing capabilities.

For these reasons we used our expert development skills to create the new eXtra CMS, which offers different levels of functionality depending on the degree of editing requirements needed.

A CMS To Suit Your Business


Our premium level version, the eXtra CMS Enterprise edition, offers optimum asset management control and website enhancement possibilities. This edition is aimed at large businesses, government organisations and schools looking for bespoke control and management of their websites.

The eXtra CMS Enterprise edition features full asset management, including image and multimedia file management as standard, as well as a wide range of additional module options. These include polls, surveys, diaries, galleries and even a complete e-commerce solution to enable goods and services to be easily sold online, straight to your target market.

All this functionality is available in the Enterprise eXtra CMS, alongside inbuilt search engine optimisation that will make your website visible on the search engines. The whole experience provides a smooth, navigable and easy to use interface that allows for high level management of website content, without the stress. The Enterprise edition also has multilingual capabilities, supporting every language that is spoken worldwide.

The eXtra CMS Classic version offers more standard editing capabilities that are needed to manage and maintain simple websites. It includes in built SEO for websites as standard. Additional modules can be added on if and when required to allow customers to build their site by inserting extra visual elements and content features like images galleries and calendar modules.

The Classic eXtra CMS is designed to develop with companies as their website grows and can work for both small or large sites. Plus the eXtra CMS Classic version is available for as little as £1 a day, which enables businesses to easily factor it into their budgets.

So whether you are a large well known multi-national business looking for advanced website editing capabilities or a smaller company looking to gain basic control of your own website, the expertly designed eXtra CMS can adapt to suit your every need.

For more information on the benefits of eXtra CMS and the different levels of website management options we offer visit


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