Ten Top Tips for E-Commerce Success


The internet is becoming a very competitive market place and therefore your E-commerce website needs to make the right impression on first glance. This article will discuss ten top tips on how to ensure your e-commerce website design will maximise conversions.

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 1. Simple Navigation

Website visitors must know where they are while on the store, this can be done using search filtering mechanism, site navigations and breadcrumbs. If the website is confusing then customers will bounce off onto another competitor.

2. Customer Experience

The website needs to be user friendly making sure that the users can easily find what they are looking for at all times.

3. Clear pricing and savings

Customers want to know clearly that they are getting value for money, if products are being sold with a discount then clearly show this.

4. Secure online experience

Customers need to feel as if they are secure when buying on your site; this gives customers peace of mind that they can shop in a secure manner.

5. Product availability

Knowing that the item a customer which’s to buy is in stock means they are more likely to buy it. Failure to display this can often lead to very unhappy customers especially if they buy something only to find out that it is out of stock. They are unlikely to return and buy more.

6. No clutter on pages

Customers do not like websites where there is a lot happening on the page. The website needs to be neat and focus the customer’s attention on most important things you want to sell.

7. Visible basket

Successful e-commerce websites provide customers with a quick cart facility allowing customers to see how many items they’ve got in their basket and the cost without having to be on the basket page.

8. Maintain a consistent design layout

Consistency is key, customers must be able to identify on every page who you are and see a consistent menu structure which makes it easier to navigate round the website and therefore makes it easier for them to buy.

9. Allows customers to share their feedback

Sharing feedback is important for customers they need to feel like they can share their thoughts on their experience.Customers like to be able to share with their social networks what they bought or going to buy. Making it usable for networks such as Pinterest and Facebook is key.

10. Additional options given to customers

A successful e-commerce website will provide related products, product attributes or what other people have bought, they will provide customers options based on what they have looked at.

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