Cornish WebServices Based in UK’s Largest Counties


Cornish WebServices provide web design and internet marketing in two of the largest counties in the UK. By being based in both the South East and the South West, we reach some of the biggest business there is in Britain.

Cornish WebServices headquarters are based in the county of Kent, with an area of 3,544 square kilometres it is a large county with a big population. Plus it is not only close to London – under an hour away on the train – but is also the UK’s gateway to and from Europe.

This means we can serve international companies that operate from London and further afield into Europe. In fact one of our specialisms is multilingual web design and internet marketing, enabling us to provide international companies with websites in a number of different languages.

We also have an office in the increasingly popular county of Cornwall, which at 3,549 square kilometres it is a similar size to Kent. Many companies and small start ups who break away from London now head down to Cornwall to set up offices.

This means we can provide these companies with design and internet marketing management on their doorstep. There is also a huge tourism industry in Cornwall, to which we provide specialist tourism web design and marketing services.

So our position in two of Southern UKs largest counties enables us to reach some of the country’s largest businesses operating in tourism, B2B and logistics. We also specialise in multilingual, as our location and experience enables us to work with companies around the world.

If you would like more information on how we can work with your business - whether you are based in Cornwall, London, Kent or beyond – then contact our team to discuss your website requirements.

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