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How do people find your website?

Whilst doing the annual check for popular phrases we were surprised that several people visited our website having searched for "Christmas tree accidents".

christmas tree accidents

How did this happen? Christmas tree accidents is hardly a core area of our expertise? We have not (yet) produced any websites selling mainly Christmas trees.

Well, a few years ago as part of a marketing campaign for a client within the health and safety industry we were writing health and safety articles, so a seasonal article on christmas tree accidents was written. Google listed this within its index and this has been showing up in search results ever since.

Using articles to drive relevant traffic to your website

The article on  Christmas trees stood out as as being seasonal and rather different to our usual visitors. But creative article writing is a powerful tool for marketing - and can be used in all areas of off-line marketing, online marketing and social marketing. Stories and information can be used to drive people to your website, and then you can provide other useful information.

Finding out about your website visitors

Having a website and even doing something about making it seen is only part of successful business. The next part is finding out who is visiting your website and why? So do you know the unusual visitors to your website?

For the record, most of our visitors looking for 'christmas tree accidents' were journalists on the hunt for a story or background information to add to their articles.

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