Choosing a CMS in 2013


CMSIt’s the New Year and business will be setting their goals for the year and adjusting their business plans. The importance of having a great website has showed no signs of slowing down in 2013 and so this is the time to think about how your online presence can be increased this year.

You may also be thinking about starting a website this year and have started to gather all the information you need. It is important to create a list that will enable you to have the best possible website in terms of functionality, ability to expand, usability and aesthetics. Look for a CMS (content management system) to tick all these boxes using the simple instructions below and you will be on course for a great 2013 on the web:

Choosing a CMS:

Part one - SEO friendly CMS

Part two - Open Source vs Bespoke CMS

Part three - CMS Complexity and functionality

Part four - Additional CMS features

Your website should be your number one marketing tool in 2013. Businesses need to make sure they maximise their use of the website to maximise the income generated, whether this is an increase in sales or a higher amount of leads. Set some realistic and achievable goals for your site this year and work hard to achieve them!

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