Approaching ten years in business


This week Cornish WebServices celebrates ten years of business.

The ten years have seen a growth in staff, offices and clients and the technology and markets have evolved, but our core business remains providing marketing websites.

So what has changed in ten years?

  • Staff - we have grown in size, employing our 25th person earlier this year.
  • Offices - from a small home office environment we have grown to many locations (from Kent to Cornwall) with several recent moves of main office to accommodate staff for meetings and training
  • Clients - over one hundred clients. In the last few years the number has remained similar but business size has grown
  • Websites - over 450 websites have been built or maintained.
  • Languages - we have now produced websites, webpages and undertaken Internet Marketing in over 20 languages

And how has the market place changed?

  • Web design - five years ago was determined by technology limitations, but now it is artistic ability that is key
  • Browsers - these have evolved from Netscape through many versions of Internet Explorer to include Firefox, Chrome
  • Mobile websites have become more common and the iPad and widescreen TV's introduce different display considerations
  • Search Engines have evolved - from MSN, Altavista and many others to a few dominant ones - Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and Bing.
  • In paid search Overture has been replaced by Google AdWords as the main provider.
  • Markets have become more global with multilingual and multi currency key considerations
  • Social marketing had become more important for business.

But some things remain the same.

Successful business needs a visible online presence.  We look forward to another ten years in business, providing the Internet marketing that businesses need to succeed.

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