Whats changed in internet marketing since 2011?


This month sees  200 international speakers and 3,000 plus attendees from 50+ countries will descending on Dublin for this year’s annual Web Summit. The most notable of attendees include internet giants such as Google, amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, Klout and many more. Business leaders will be discussing relevant Internet and Technology issues such as

internet marketing

But what has changed in a year since the last websummit? More than you think. Internet marketing trends are always changing. Two Predicted trends of 2011 included:

  • The rise of social media marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

But have these trends actually taken off in 2012?

Social Media in 2012

The use of Social Media as part of an internet marketing strategy has definitely taken off and continues to increase in popularity, despite being written off as a’ passing FAD  for teens’ by industry experts. Social media accounts for one out of every 4 minutes spent online in the US. Although Facebook and Youtube were the top social media platforms, 2011 saw a steady increase in popularity of other social media such as LinkedIn and Tumblr. Towards the end of 2011 Pinterest gained marketing attention and Google+ increased in popularity at a huge rate.

Mobile Marketing  in 2012

Many predicted that 2011 would be the year in which mobile will take over desktop as the most common way to access the internet, with the popularity of the smartphones increasing. However, in 2012, marketers must realise that mobile isn't limited to just smartphones. It incorporates tablets (iPad), e-readers (Kindle), and other forms of gaming or commuting devises. It is also important to realise that during different times of the day, different devises are used; therefore, companies shouldn’t disregard other devices for the sake of mobile as you must be present wherever your prospects are.

Cornish Web Services can managed your internet marketing strategy to make sure your online presence is strong whatever the current trends may be. We offer a total internet marketing service to help your business capitalise on the changing internet marketing trends.


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