Remote Temperature Monitoring


Temperature monitoring is key when you are storing medicines, food and other perishable items that are temperature critical.

In the pharmaceutical industry, some vaccines and drugs have to be kept at a certain temperature in order to be safely usable.

For fruit and vegetable growers, temperature monitoring can be used to detect frost and changes in temperature. In transit, certain perishable soft fruits have to be consistently cooled to remain edible – particularly if they are being transported a long way to their destination.

There are even some more unusual uses for temperature monitoring, for instance in art galleries and museums some valuable oil paintings have to be kept at certain atmospheric conditions to preserve them.

Often temperatures need to be monitored remotely because there can’t be someone on hand at the site to constantly check the temperature. This is where remote temperature monitoring comes in.

Temperature reading equipment can be installed in situ where the product is stored, which can then be monitored online to check if the temperatures are consistent.

Users can just log on to an online system to check the temperature monitors. Emails and text messages can be sent to the user if there are any critical temperature changes or issues.

CRS Cold Storage provide a range of excellent remote temperature monitoring solutions. As well as giving clients the technology to check their temperatures remotely, CRS can also provide a back up service where they also regularly check temperatures.

They provide Rmoni remote temperature monitoring technology that is of the highest standard. It is easy to log in and check temperatures because it is an online Cloud based solution, enabling easy login via any device with a web connection.  

With the Rmoni system here is a traceable history available for safety and audit trails. This remote temperature monitoring system can be fully installed by experienced CRS engineers. Training and support can also be offered to clients.

So if you work in an industry where you have to store temperature critical goods safely and efficiently, CRS Cold Storage can provide the technology to ensure your products are not only kept at a constant temperature but also accurately monitored.

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