Cold Storage for Food Industries


Cold storage equipment is used by a wide variety of food industries for the chilling and freezing of perishable food products.

Food industries that rely on cold storage include the meat, fish, dairy, bakery, plus fruit and vegetable industries.

Many products produced by these industries need to be stored or transported at controlled temperatures in order to keep them fresh for consumption.

The catering and food services industries also often use cold storage to keep prepared food from perishing before it is served to their customers.

Types of cold storage equipment used by all of these food industries include portable cold storage containers, mega cold stores and blast freezing equipment.

There is even specific equipment available for particular food cold storage needs. For instance, for the meat industry there are portable meat rail cold storage units. These contain rails to hang sides of meat and can vary in size depending on the meat storage or transport need.

Refrigerated containers can be used for transporting food around the country or can be placed in situ outside a building, usually without the need for planning permission. If space is a premium, cold store containers can even be double stacked to save space.

CRS Cold Storage are an international cold storage unit provider that supply temperature controlled equipment to a variety of food industries.

CRS Cold Storage sell new as well as refurbished refrigerated equipment and they also rent units to customers who need cold storage on a more short-term basis.

For more information on the range of cold storage equipment that they supply visit the CRS website today.

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