Cold Storage for Catering


The catering industry requires a lot of cold storage provision in order to keep food and drink products at their optimum condition.

Restaurants, cafes, canteens, take aways and meal service providers all need efficient fridges and freezers in order to store perishable produce.

This cold storage equipment needs to be efficient, modern and clean in order to safely store different food items.

Refrigerated containers and freezer containers are available in a variety of capacities. They can have remote temperature monitoring in order to track and report on temperatures. Cold storage equipment can also be mobile if catering companies need to transport their produce between venues.

These portable refrigerated solutions range from the mini mobile cold stores that are highly portable and can be used to boost regular cold storage capacity, to 40ft mobile cold stores that are based on large refrigerated containers.

Another cold storage solution for the catering industry is the mobile bar. This is a portable fully working bar that can be quickly installed on site and used for serving drinks and food at events or festivals.

Blast freezers are also commonly used by the catering industry. They need to efficiently freeze food and keep it at the required temperature until it is needed.

So there are lots of cold storage solutions required by the catering industry. CRS Cold Storage are leading providers of temperature controlled equipment suitable for freezing and chilling food products.

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