WEEE Recycling


What is WEEE Recycling?

WEEE Recycling refers to the safe disposal of all your fridges, computers and TVs that are no longer needed when replaced by the next model or wide screen version.

WEEE is short for Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment. So WEEE includes products such as toasters, kettles, fridges, washing machines, computers, electronic games, and  CD players.

Nearly 20 million tonnes of WEEE are produced in the UK each year from commercial and domestic sources. When all this WEEE is put into landfill sites, it can release various toxins and pollute the environment.

WEEE Recycling is required following the WEEE Directive which came info force on 1st July 2007. From this date onwards it is illegal to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment into Landfill sites in the UK.

WEEE Recycling is provided by businesses such as the CountryStyle Group, who provide all forms of waste management, particularly for businesses based in the south east of England.

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