WEEE Directive


What is the WEEE Directive?

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment. WEEE includes things like fridges, washing machines, computers, electronic games, toasters, kettles, hi-fis as well as commercial equipment.

The WEEE Directive came info force on 1st July 2007 and makes it illegal to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment into Landfill sites in the UK. This law was passed following an EU directive aimed at reducing WEEE, encouraging reuse of electrical products, recovery of its base materials and reducing the environmental impact of WEEE disposal.

Every year in the UK there is a staggering 19. Million tonnes of WEEE produced from both commercial and domestic sources. When WEEE is put into landfill sites, it releases toxins and pollutes the environment.

Helping companies, local authorities and organizations dispose of their WEEE through WEEE recycling is now a commercial business, and the CountryStyle Group provide this, particularly for businesses located in the south east of England.

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