Waste Management and its impact on business


 Why is waste management such a hot topic? And is waste management relevant to your business?

There are two answers to this, one environmental and the other legal. Most responsible business owners will want to ensure they are dealing with their waste in a way that protects the environment. But companies also have a legal obligation to ensure your waste products are disposed of safely.

The relevant waste management legislation is the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This is a UK Act of Parliament which relates to controlled wastes. This Act deals with issues relating to waste on land, and all areas of waste management. It also places a duty on local authorities to collect waste. Businesses have a duty to ensure that any waste they produce is handled safely and within the law. This waste management legislation applies to anyone who produces, imports, transports, stores, treats or disposes of controlled waste from business or industry.

Many businesses seek to outsource their waste management, and companies such as The CountryStyle Group provide waste management and recycling services to businesses of all sizes.

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