Special bed linen for medical reasons


Dust mite protector bed linen has been around for a while to help reduce eczema and asthma and other conditions which are aggravated by the dust mite.

Low friction bed linen is also available under the brand name Parafricta to help those at risk from or suffering from pressure ulcers, more commonly known as bed sores.

Bed linen to help prevent bed sores

The Parafricta™ Pillowcase provides protection against further trauma where the skin on the face, ears or head is compromised or wound dressings may be lost due to friction.

Pillowcases to reduce bed sores

The fitted Parafricta™ Bedsheet provides protection to areas of the body, legs and feet where the skin is compromised or wound dressings may be lost due to fiction. This bottom bedsheet is fitted and designed for a standard single bed mattress.
Bed sheets to prevent bed sores

For individuals with limited mobility to use on a single mattress bed. Moving and turning in bed is much easier as the trunk of the body is in contact with the low friction patch and the feet can use the cotton part to pivot.
Bed sheets for those with limited mobility

Further details on these products and others can be found on the Parafricta website at www.parafricta.com

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